BUSSELTON AFL Strategic Planning Workshops

The Busselton AFL clubs are entering into an exciting phase of development and invite you to come and have your say into the future strategic directions for our sport.
To be successful, the association and clubs need to have a collaborative approach to Strategic Planning. All stakeholders are provided with an opportunity to be involved in the process. This guarantees that the final plan is balanced and reflects the objectives of the organisation as a collective (and not a vocal minority).
Various matters typically considered as part of the planning process include:
 Governance and management
 Finances and fundraising (including grants and sponsorship)
 Facilities/equipment
 Volunteer workforce
 Performance Pathways
Strategic Planning for sporting clubs or organisations is:
– a way to gain consensus – sharing and working towards a vision for the future which can develop cohesion amongst members
– a tool which enables club members to focus on specific outcomes
– a tool that allows and encourages an opportunity for ownership by the club
– an opportunity for development of the club’s purpose and autonomy
– a dynamic and ongoing process where goals are ‘time framed’ to ensure a sense of achievement
– an avenue for the club to define its challenges and prepare to address them
– a management tool to be used for effective interaction with external bodies.

BUT Strategic Planning is not:
an unrealistic ‘wish-list’ which are beyond the capabilities of the club to achieve in the timeframe considered to be the solution for the problems of the club.

Workshop 1 Thursday 28
February 2019
6pm – 9pm Undalup Room – City of Busselton RSVP:
Monday 11 February 2019
Workshop 2 Thursday 14
March 2019
6pm – 9pm Undalup Room – City of Busselton RSVP:
Wednesday 6 March 2019
Workshop 3 Thursday 16 May 2019 6pm – 9pm Undalup Room – City of Busselton RSVP:
Wednesday 8 May 2019

These planning sessions are open to anyone interested in the sport of football (AFL). It is preferred that interested participants prioritise to attend the first session as this is where the key objectives will be identified. . It is not essential to attend all 3 sessions but it is strongly encouraged that those outside of committee members attend session number 1 so you can have your say.
To assist with the planning, please complete the survey on the link below. This can be completed by anyone attending or not attending.
Your Say: https://yoursay.busselton.wa.gov.au/afl